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We understand your home and your family safety. we take Pest control & Termite control seriously we'll provide a free-of-charge. no-obligation quote on your termite control Option.

Building and Pest Inspection Service For Your Sydney Home

A Pre Purchase Pest and Building Inspection is recommended to be carried out before you buy any type of property and before the cooling off period ends.

Your property purchase in many cases is Your biggest financial commitment.

 When Buying Your First or Next Home. Do not Be Surprised.......BE SURE


 We will give you a clear picture of what problems the property may have and show you were the Problems are.

  1. *Leaking Roofs or Damaged Roof Tiles
  2. *Structural cracking or Any Movment
  3. *Leaking Taps Showers or Baths
  4. *Damp Issues Such as Rising Damp
  5. *Movment to Footings of the Property
  6. *Poor External Drainage or Sitting Water
  7. *Potential safety hazards Including
  8. *Electrical Safety hazards - Fire Hazards to Down Lights
  9. *Mud leeds running from the Soil to Wood
  10. *The flying termites leave Wings


 If you would like to know more about our pest and Building Inspection services and prices, please contact us on 1300 822 800 or fill this online booking form.



10 Reasons why you should Choose MODERN GUARD Termite And Pest Control


With over 30 years experience we have helped prevent many pest form sydney homes.

Long time clients in commercial and pre-construction, we want you to have results that last.

All pest control services can be tailored to every customer's needs.

The cost of every day living can be high we offer Highly competitive pricing.

Lock Termites out  we are sydneys NO 1 - Termite barrier and prevention specialists.

Its your choice to have the safe and best service we only use People, pet and environmentally safe practices.

Our Stafe are all Professional & friendly professionals here to help You.

We under stand the need to have OH&S HACCP compliance policies and will look after you work place.

We started this in the 1990's and are Australian owned & operated we have a wide variety of clients and love a challenge.

Our technicians offer Personalised & Prompt service we like to leave you with a smile.


Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with a Termite Inspection Report and or Pets control Services.
With the cost of Homes going up so is the cost of Repairs.
Termites our NOW Causing Over $800 Million dollars in damage every year to Australian homes.
Prevention is always better than cure and a termite inspection is always better than the large cost of termite damage.
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