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Tips on Getting Rid of Mice, Spiders,Termites and other Pest

Best Way To Control Spiders in side you home with out spraying.

Deal with spiders using your vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner can be used to cut down the spider population immediately and vacuuming out the webs will stop the increase of spiders in future days and months. In removing a spiderweb, you remove the spider's home, the nursery for future baby spiders, and the spider's grocery store. (On occasion the spider web itself is actually consumed by the spider!) This is a pretty big deal since one of those egg sacks can have 300 little baby spiders in it. While most never make it to maturity, imagine roughly half becoming egg laying females. That's 150 times 300 eggs! 

How to Get Started in Pest Control

Starting a pest management business

Termites, ants, mice and even snakes love to work their way into our homes. Starting a pest-control business will require a lot of dedication and hard work, but soon you'll be able to get rid of all sorts of creepy crawlies. 

Demand for professional pest (including weed) control services is increasing. 

Strict health regulations that monitor and control pests across business and commercial properties, particularly in the food and hospitality industries, have made it difficult for people to manage pests themselves. 

Starting or buying a pest management business involves many essential steps. Legally, you must ensure that you apply for and receive the correct licences. 

Key success factors for pest management businesses

  • To build a successful pest management business, you need to:
  • Have good technical knowledge
  • Control your business costs effectively
  • Market and promote your services to the right people
  • Have access to secure revenue
  • Pest management industry entry barriers

Start-up costs for a pest management business are low, however, strict licensing and regulations can make it difficult to enter the industry.

Pest management is skill and knowledge intensive, so you must have technical knowledge and experience before setting up a pest management business. 

Customers can be wary about using pest control chemicals around their homes so you need to explain how your business safely uses pest control chemicals.

Advances in technology make pest management, particularly in termite control, more efficient but this also means customers need less pest control visits. 

Pest Control Training Course

 Pest-Control Technician Training

A pest-control technician's on-the-job training period can last anywhere from two weeks to six months, depending on the stringency of a specific pest-control company's knowledge requirements for its technicians. 

Pest control training covers areas such as insect and rodent identification, chemical and non-chemical treatment methods, insecticide and rodenticide label identification and pest control equipment use and maintenance.

MPL Training Centre

MPL Training Centre is a Registered Training Organisation in Australia.

MPL Will provide accredited courses in Pest Management. This means that completing our courses enables students to fulfill the Pest Management licensing and insurance requirements in every state and territory of Australia.

10 Reasons why you should Choose MODERN GUARD Termite And Pest Control


With over 30 years experience we have helped prevent many pest form sydney homes.

Long time clients in commercial and pre-construction, we want you to have results that last.

All pest control services can be tailored to every customer's needs.

The cost of every day living can be high we offer Highly competitive pricing.

Lock Termites out  we are sydneys NO 1 - Termite barrier and prevention specialists.

Its your choice to have the safe and best service we only use People, pet and environmentally safe practices.

Our Stafe are all Professional & friendly professionals here to help You.

We under stand the need to have OH&S HACCP compliance policies and will look after you work place.

We started this in the 1990's and are Australian owned & operated we have a wide variety of clients and love a challenge.

Our technicians offer Personalised & Prompt service we like to leave you with a smile.


Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with a Termite Inspection Report and or Pets control Services.
With the cost of Homes going up so is the cost of Repairs.
Termites our NOW Causing Over $800 Million dollars in damage every year to Australian homes.
Prevention is always better than cure and a termite inspection is always better than the large cost of termite damage.
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